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on 17 May 2019

Being a member of the National Carpet Cleaners Association has helped our business in many ways from providing technical support solutions to networking with other professionals and sharing experiences. It also helps give the customer peace of mind that we take our business and service seriously by investing in the only association of it’s kind. We are now an Advanced Member licence no 1068. We are now heading towards our 19th year and like to invest our knowledge and experience in the carpet, rug and upholstery cleaning to help many clients who find themselves in situations like fulfilling their obligations to end of tenancy contracts to claiming for damage via insurance for smoke or flood damage. This is why it is best to use a trained, trusted and reliable technician into your home or office because using a cheap alternative does not always offer the best solution. It could literally save you hundreds of pounds on replacement or save you losing your deposit in rental agreement for example. www.northstarcleaning.co.uk


There could be a situation arising whereby recently we encountered, a landlord had threatened to withhold one month deposit for damage to a carpet which, thankfully we managed to repair.  In fact we carry out many carpet repairs all over Kent to help with this kind of problem, as well as pet and heat damage caused by either the homeowner or a tradesperson.


We could also help you retain your deposit or make a successful claim against a company who may have caused damage to your carpets, rugs or soft furnishings by assessing, reporting and restoring with our knowledge and expertise, like this rug below which was damaged by an electrical hire company:-


As you can see the rug suffered excessive water damage front and back, to the point where the backing would have either required replacing or very careful precision cleaning with special mould bacterial treatment. On this occasion we did recommend replacement due to the rug value as it would not be economical to repair.

Beware of Bait & Switch

So what is bait and switch?

It is the action (generally illegal) of advertising goods which are an apparent bargain, with the intention of substituting inferior or more expensive goods.

An unbelievable deal advertised by a company, for example offering to clean your carpets from £19 per room (for example) could lead to disaster. Often you find, on arrival, the machine is rapidly set up and the area is “skimmed over” sometimes with not even any cleaning chemical used!! In some cases they can be in and out of your door within 15-20 minutes!! Obviously the customer would not be expecting this. The technician/operator will inform them that they have booked a “maintenance clean” and if they want the job carried out with all the extras then this will double in cost.

So when you take into account that a company must add in their costs to incorporate the following:-

  • Van purchase • Vehicle insurance
  • Public liability and treatment risks insurance
  • Equipment purchase
  • Fuel
  • Road tax
  • National insurance/PAYE
  • Equipment servicing/PAT testing
  • Training (if any exists)

You will find that the person in question who turns up to do the work will probably be earning around £5.00 of the figure quoted to you. It would therefore be no surprise that the time spent cleaning your carpet will be kept to the minimum. Shocking!

Protect Yourself!

Yes it is really that simple. If the price sounds too good to be true then it is. Make sure you enquire what is included in the carpet cleaning process or upholstery cleaning process before you invite someone into your home. It is wise to employ the services of carpet cleaner who has at least been in business for say 5 years. This way, you can ensure that you can get references from past clients. Check their review platforms (i.e. NCCA, Trustatrader etc). Find out if the company has a complaints procedure. Finally, make sure you get a written estimate in advance of any work being carried out (whether by email or in person).


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on 14 March 2019

We have been rolling out some deals and offers this Spring and would like to let you know about these.  In addition to these offers, we would like to let you know about our gift vouchers. Why not purchase a Birthday gift or Mother’s Day gift with a difference!  Our gift vouchers are available to use one year from the date of issue, please ask us for details.

Mother’s Day

Treat you or your mum to a carpet or upholstery clean this month. Book our service by 30.03.19 and you will qualify for one of these divine smelling candles, one for you and one for mum!




  • Deal 1: Two carpets, any room/any size £39.00
  • Deal 2: Hall, Stairs & Landing £45.00
  • Deal 3: Two rooms plus Hall/Stairs & Landing £75.00




To watch our video on how this product works, visit the link below to view Gary’s demonstration:- https://www.facebook.com/karen.north.771/videos/10152831947793867/UzpfSTUwMjI4MTMzNjQ2Mzc3MToyNzc4MTYzMzc1NTQyMjEx/



The next 100 receipients to book in any cleaning service will receive a door hanger with a promotional “refer a friend” recommendation of £25 Marks and Spencers voucher. Simply pass on the hanger to your friend or family member with our details on, sign and print your your name on it to verify your identity, so we can ensure that the person gives us this on their booking completion, so that we may reward you with the voucher. Please Note: that these vouchers expire July 2019, so remember to let your friend/family know they need to book in before this date for you to receive your voucher. ALL OF THE ABOVE ARE SUBJECT TO ONE PER CUSTOMER. THE MOTHERS DAY CANDLE OFFER EXPIRES ON 30.03.19. THE BREXIT BUSTER DEAL IS VALID ON ALL BOOKINGS MADE BEFORE 31.03.19 BUT ALL WORK MUST BE COMPLETED BY 28.04.19 TO QUALIFY FOR THE OFFER.

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on 05 March 2019

Whether you are moving home, coming to the end of your tenancy or renting, there’s a good reason to have your property professionally cleaned. 

It can mean the difference to you reaching a sale of the property to you managing to retain your holding deposit on rental agreement contract.

It’s important for us to ask everything from you, like your expectancy level of how clean you want it to be verses how clean it should be, from looking at a copy of the inventory report with photographs of before and after. We set ourselves a very high standard level of cleaning and provide all of our own materials and staff.  Unlike many other organizations who will use agency or untrained staff.  We supervise and manage to keep everything at a high standard.  

We like to visit each individual household to ensure that everything is discussed properly and we can eliminate any potential problems, such as damaged or cracked bathroom fittings, deep penetrative limescale which cannot be 100% removed if it is in very bad state of repair, size of property (i.e. how many bathrooms/reception rooms).  Each property is different to the next and we want to ensure we have the full information and you can be assured that we know what we are tackling before we arrive. There is nothing worse than turning up at a property and to find that the house you thought had one bathroom has in fact three and the grand conservatory area you were not informed of, has made your job so much more drawn out because you were not aware of all of these facts.  A PVC conservatory can look a horrible tinge of yellow and in order to combat this it takes a heavy degreasing solution to wipe away back to gleaming white, plus of course all of the windows and glass.  This in itself can take a few hours to professionally clean.  So it’s worth asking yourself the question, how long would it take me to clean this if I were to do this myself and not employ the services of a professional?  This will then give you a good idea of how much the whole house will take to clean thoroughly.  Remember to think about your soft furnishings too, such as your curtains, blinds, carpets, upholstery etc.  These are also very time consuming and can, dependent on the level of soiling can take several hours and can involve extra manpower, particularly if you are wanting the job done within the day, which is the case more often or not.  

Carrying out a survey will give ourselves and the client a good overview of everything required and we are able to itemize and schedule each task and provide a full written estimate highlighting any potential issues that may arise.  For example, a very poor and badly fitted or damaged carpet, cannot give the appearance of being perfect just through cleaning itself.  If there are fitting issues it can prevent the clean taking place altogether, so it is better to resolve any issues that give rise to the overall result before the cleaning takes place.  Another example, if a toilet is on a septic system and is heavily encrusted with limescale it can affect the type of products you can clean with, so it’s very important to establish all of these facts before. 

At the end of the day we are providing a responsible, knowledgeable and professional cleaning service and have all the accreditation, recommendation and insurance for both the customer and our own protection.  If a cleaning service provider offers a really cheap cost, its worth finding out what they are actually doing for this? Don’t get caught out. 

Below is an example of a cleaning estimate form, we have our own form, but you can see from this that you can highlight any potential problems in the description box and sign and date when the quotation took place.  We also follow this through with a written email quotation just to be more thorough when there is a large amount of work required by the client.


We hope that you have found this article to be useful if you are considering an End of Tenancy Clean, Spring Clean, Deep Clean or any other household clean. We tailor make each clean to suit each client.  If you need any further information or advice, please call us here at North Star Cleaning on 01795 511945 and we will be happy to help you.