Erica the Hamster Carpet Repair

in Blog
on 26 May 2016

Gary recently undertook a call from a customer in Aylesford regarding the damage caused to his carpet by his pet hamster, “Erica”.

She took great delight in munching her way through two big holes on the carpet whilst the owner was cooking dinner!

He said that he looked at the hamster with swollen pouches and had to pat her on the back to release the carpet fibres she had swallowed!!

After a visit from Gary we were able to repair the damage with a spare piece of carpet the customer had available and blend this in to the existing carpet.

The results are much better than they were and the customer said “we had done a great job and Erica was also impressed with our handy work!”

Here are a couple of pictures of the pre damage, result and of course little Erica.