3 Reasons to get your Carpets and Furnishings Cleaned Now!

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on 08 March 2017
  1. Your Home will look Beautiful
    Keep an environment that your family and friends will enjoy being in. Your carpet can strongly reflect first impressions. A stain free carpet can create that initial impression and even help you in selling your property.

  2. You’ll save Money
    Maintenance of your carpets is far cheaper than replacement and will promote the life expectancy. In fact, did you know, that many warranties issued by carpet manufacturers demand professional cleaning once every 24 months or the warranty becomes void.

  3. A Healthier Home
    The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) recommends that homes with children or pets have their carpets cleaned once every 12 months. Proper cleaning actually promotes the health benefits to your home by removing pollens, mould spores, danger pollutants and soils. This particularly applies in the rental market, where sometimes landlords neglect the interior of the properties the tenants reside in.

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