Indian Restaurant Carpet Cleaning

in Blog
on 22 February 2018

As carpet cleaning professionals, not only do we clean domestic carpets but also the commercial market too.

This week we were invited to clean the carpets to one of our favourite Indian restaurants! We identified that key areas required more additional treatments than usual, as traffic lane area for bringing out food to customers. This area was covered in grease and oil and we used some additional cleaning methods to get these amazing results (as seen below). First we used a pre spray and carpet pile brush to agitate the grease and ghee oil followed by a rotary machine with a powerful degreasing agent, then finally a carpet extraction clean with one of our regular shampoos and extraction rinse to finish. It was hard work but certainly worth it! Hopefully, the next clean will be scheduled for a bit sooner so that it doesn’t get quite as bad, but we would usually recommend at least once every 6-12 months for a commercial area such as this.

We have also been invited for a meal at a later date to say thank you 😊 – yum!