End of Tenancy Cleans

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on 15 November 2018

As a cleaning company we like to provide practical solutions for the whole scenario, whether you are buying (moving in), selling (moving out) or renting.  We are receiving a number of requests for these types of cleans but I wanted to highlight some of the problems we encounter when tackling these sorts of projects, so it is something you may be able to benefit from when trying to get your deposits back or avoid later disputes.

Inventory Reports

If you are renting from a private landlord or estate agent, it is highly recommended that you request an inventory report prior to you moving in, so you can both agree on the state of the property and how it was left once you decide to give notice and move on. The reason for this, is that it can later highlight problems that previously existed within the property, plus it can help you in obtaining your deposit held under the landlord deposit scheme.

Problems Arising through neglect of properties when renting

These can be many, but the most common we are seeing is very badly fitting of carpets and low-quality carpets being used on rental properties and in properties being sold privately. These are quite apparent, as they are drawn in from the skirting board and also cause severe draught marking, particular if the carpet has been knee kicked so hard it can draw down the pins through the carpet and cause the dust to rise back up to the surface giving the appearance of dark circles. The problem with low quality carpet types is that these can vary, in particular felt and foam backed where they have very little durability when being cleaned and the force of extraction clean can actually suck them up from the floor and they are often difficult to clean because the agents or landlords do not put down any underlay underneath, you often find these glued to the floor or in some cases, just loosely laid!! This is why we always carry out a pre-survey prior to any tenancy clean that we do to check for these kinds of problems. Some of the other things we have been witnessing, is severely stained carpets with all kinds of stains like ink, oil, gloss paint etc. In one case, we even found the client to have had slug trails across his carpet due to the mold that was coming out of the walls, which had to be heavily degreased down with an appropriate chemical to remove. On another occasion, we had to heavily vacuum the carpet to remove debris and glass left by tenants before we could even clean the carpet! This can highly impact on the cost of a carpet clean, which is why it is not clear cut on the price sometimes. Two of the other areas that raise eyebrows are most definitely kitchens and bathrooms! The amount of grease and months/years of limescale build up can look quite horrific, sometimes giving the appearance that they have actually embedded a cement like effect where the water has set hard outside taps and jets giving this unsightly appearance.

Why a Survey and Pre-Check is necessary

e want you to receive the best possible clean we can achieve.  So, it is both parties’ interest for us to spend 10-20 minutes looking over the property, reading the inventory report before providing a written quotation.  We do not charge for making that initial call and it is beneficial, as we are able to take photographs of the property in its current state and then take photographs after the finished clean.  It can also highlight potential problems with carpet fitting etc and from this we are able to recommend the best course of action and whether indeed, it is worth actually cleaning in the first instance or is it better to replace.  If it is not economical to clean then we will suggest replacement as it is your money and we are there to help you and not to rip you off!  We can also recommend specific companies that actually specialize in replacement or other specialists like oven cleaning companies etc.

Here are some recent examples of Before and After Cleans: -


The above is some of the problems we encounter daily. Heavy grime and scale/soil to bathroom enamel, bird excrement left on carpet by tenant leaving window open and grimy washing machine drawers and inside doors where they have never been cleaned.