Why is it important to keep your carpets and furnishings clean?

Monday is upon you again and keeping the house clean is just one other task that you really could be doing without! Getting the kids to school, doing the breakfast, laundry and off to work can sometimes feel like a job in itself.

Having been in the cleaning industry now for over 25 years, we take great pride and passion in our cleaning. We love to deep clean curtains, rugs, carpets, furniture, headboards, hard flooring, mattresses and even your home! Basically any area in the house that is causing you concern can be a new challenge for us and we tailor make any specific cleaning service to meet the needs of that individual or company. If you think about it, for example, how would you wash your husband’s white cotton shirt? You would hot water clean it with detergent. Well basically, we do the same but within a bigger capacity. It’s one of the most effective ways to remove soil and bacteria without possible shrinkage to your carpets or furnishings and above all to keep them smelling fresh and keep them hygienic. Here are just some of the reasons why you should keep your carpets and furnishings clean:-


  • Vacuuming alone is rarely enough to keep on top of floor coverings. In fact, most of our customers do not vacuum on a daily basis.  Did you know that carpets act as a soil filter? The visible grime that you can see from the surface is only a fraction of what is in there.  85% will be buried within the carpet fibres themselves. Did you realise that carpet can trap its own weight in soiling! Regular vacuuming is essential paying special attention to those edges and behind items of furniture to keep the soil content down.

  • The benefits of professional extraction cleaning can increase the life expectancy of your carpet. Unwanted soil, bacteria and dirt cannot be seen and most domestic vacuum cleaners, shampooers, even some of the hired equipment do not have what it takes to combat the deep down dirt. Professional cleaning will unlock those soils and bring luster back to your furnishings and carpets. Improved appearance and aroma seem obvious but it shows when your furniture or carpets haven’t been cleaned before with ground in stains and can sometimes look as good as new once completed.  For example, if you were to buy a new pair of trainers and splashed mud on them would you then look to buy new ones or clean them?  Well it’s the same principle with your interiors, treat them well and maintain them correctly and it will save you thousands of pounds on replacement. DIY alternatives can be often a first call for most home owners but if you don’t know what you’re doing or are unsure what is within some of these products you could be doing more damage than good.  These methods are never the same or as effective as professional cleaning.

Hiring a professional should be relatively simple?  There are lots of companies out there but make sure you check the following:-

Evidence of their training. Our Staff have attended many courses over the years with Prochem, National Carpet Cleaners Association, Ashby’s etc. We have certificates to verify these and are not afraid to show them! Ask for details of their insurance. Make sure they have public liability insurance. If something goes wrong with your clean you do not want to be left in a position where the service provider only had third party coverage. Check out their reviews! But look over the years not just the weeks. North Star have a review platform with the National Carpet Cleaners Association, Google Business and Trustatrader. Here you can read some of our reviews: https://trustedlocalcleaners.ncca.co.uk/listing/north-star-residential-commercial-cleaning-serv/ and https://www.trustatrader.com/traders/north-star-residential-commercial-cleaning-services-ltd-carpet-upholstery-cleaning-medway

How often should I get my carpets and furnishings cleaned?

Well this is a question that is often considered by a customer or client that it’s okay to leave them once they have been cleaned for a few years. Wrong! You should consider professional cleaning once at least every 18 months to your carpets, furnishings, rugs. Sometimes more regular is required if you have a busy household with pets and children. Remember, harmful bacteria and allergies can lead to illness and this is a good way to ensure you are keeping on top of things and if you are in the commercial environment it is even more important as far as health and safety is concerned. Here are some examples of our work:-

Office carpet cleanCarpet clean with stain removalEnd of tenancy carpet clean