How to identify Biscuit Beetles & Moths

beetles and moth removalWhilst we are all still focusing predominantly on how to clean and treat areas around the home to  keep things Covid safe, it’s also important to remember that at this time of year when we start spring cleaning and opening windows etc, to look out for other home invaders! 

Do you have problems or have any experience with moth or beetle infestations in your home? 

Are they eating your carpets or lurking in your cupboards?

Most people don’t think to check their dried food for pests as it’s not somewhere you’d necessarily expect to find an infestation. Your kitchen cupboards can, however, become somewhere for pests such as biscuit beetles to thrive, which can cause contamination and health risks, as well as being a huge inconvenience.

What are biscuit beetles?

Biscuit beetles are small, hard-shelled, reddish-brown beetles with an oval-shaped body which is humped and covered in short yellowish hairs. One of our customers has sent in a photo (see below) of ones they had, which were found to be drawn in by birds nests. Biscuit beetles are closely related to, and often mistaken for, the Common Furniture Beetle (woodworm) due to their physical similarities. It is therefore advised to get professional analysis.

These tiny beetles are not fussy eaters and will feed rapidly on pretty much anything, but are mainly attracted to areas where dried food is stored. They target goods such as flour, pasta, grains, and biscuits! 

How to get rid of biscuit beetles

If you notice these little brown beetles in your house, you should take action as quickly as possible. The treatment process is very similar to that of other stored-food pests. The affected area should be thoroughly hoovered, taking care to go over all cracks, corners and crevices, and the hoover’s contents should then be sealed and binned. Make sure to remove and dispose of any contaminated food sources. You should then consult a professional cleaning company or pest control to ensure other areas of carpets, flooring etc are thoroughly vacuumed and deep cleaned and preventative treatment put in place. 

How to identify and treat moths 

Moth shells look like tiny grains of rice (usually left with paper type casings) which are visible on the carpet. They can also be seen behind or inside furniture and often like to feed on wool carpets. This can be easily remedied by thoroughly cleaning, vacuuming and also treating the surfaces and entire floor coverings.  Professional cleaning and pest control can be sought through a company like ourselves. 

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