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What Is a HEPA Filter?

A HEPA filter is a type of mechanical air filter.  The purpose of these is that they can remove almost 100% of allergens around the home, including small airborne particles.  Many well known appliance brands sell vacuums which are fitted with these filters to provide a superior clean.  

Models such as Bissell, Dyson, Shark and more.  These are the best vacuums for allergies as they not only remove the dirt and loose soiling embedded into your furnishings and carpets, but they also trap the allergens, so you can breathe a bit easier too.  

Some models are more versatile than others and are geared to pets for example.  It is a good idea to do your homework before making a purchase.  

In any event, vacuuming your carpet daily improves the indoor air quality in your home and gives the best results prior to hot water extraction cleaning, which is where we come in!   Pre agitation and removing pet hair are very time consuming in preparation for extraction cleaning.  We recommend the investment of lint roller or similar for any stubborn pet hair that is hard to dislodge from your carpet or upholstery.  If you want to ask us about anything to use please contact us and we can advise you.  

If like us your have a few dogs in the house, we would go for an option geared towards pets.  The Shark Lift Away looks quite appealing as the cannister can be taken off to go up the stairs and awkward areas too.  In a commercial environment, we would probably recommend a SEBO which are manufactured in Germany and there are many to choose from.  

You also have to bear in mind that these filters should be changed regularly, particularly if someone in your household has suffered from a winter virus, covid or similar.    

We always recommend keeping your doors or windows open where possible when having your carpet professionally cleaned, as this will assist in any unwanted viruses being contracted in the air.  We also recommend the wearing of PPE (masks) to be safe when someone is working in your home.  

Ultimately, having your furnishings and carpets professionally cleaned once a year is good way to prolong the life expectancy and keep everything smelling clean and hygienic.  

Below are just a couple of examples on how built up soil can get prior to professional cleaning:-

vacumn hepa filter2

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