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on 05 March 2018

Collecting Eggs on behalf of Demelza House Childrens Hospice


We are currently collecting a whole range of easter eggs from our lovely customers in support of Demelza House Childrens Hospice. For every egg we receive, we will match and deliver straight to the hospice in time for Easter.

Your generosity and community spirit has been overwhelming so far and we hope to be carrying out some more charity events throughout the year. If you have any eggs you wish to donate, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us and Gary can arrange a collection for you. It’s little things like this that count and can make a whole difference to children and their families, so please donate today and spread the joy!

This is the first time we have collected for Easter and we thought it would be a lovely idea so your support means a lot to us. Equally, if you have any other suggestions i.e. soft easter toys etc, we would be happy to accept these too, as some children are not able to eat chocolate, so it would be nice to include everyone. If you prefer to mail us for your collection, please contact us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or message us via our Facebook page at: or if you prefer, simply call us on 01795 511945.



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on 22 February 2018

As carpet cleaning professionals, not only do we clean domestic carpets but also the commercial market too.

This week we were invited to clean the carpets to one of our favourite Indian restaurants! We identified that key areas required more additional treatments than usual, as traffic lane area for bringing out food to customers. This area was covered in grease and oil and we used some additional cleaning methods to get these amazing results (as seen below). First we used a pre spray and carpet pile brush to agitate the grease and ghee oil followed by a rotary machine with a powerful degreasing agent, then finally a carpet extraction clean with one of our regular shampoos and extraction rinse to finish. It was hard work but certainly worth it! Hopefully, the next clean will be scheduled for a bit sooner so that it doesn’t get quite as bad, but we would usually recommend at least once every 6-12 months for a commercial area such as this.

We have also been invited for a meal at a later date to say thank you 😊 – yum!




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on 25 January 2018


The team have been working very hard indeed this month to help out various clients in their homes with some deep down cleaning that has just gotten way out of control.

So don’t think you are alone on that one!

We have some very effective and specialist sanitising products which are available to us, some of which have won NHS awards for their effectiveness against infection control and are particularly useful around schools, nurseries, offices and homes.  Whatever the situation we are able to provide a solution for you.  Here’s some photos of the work we have had to tackle so far this month:-