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on 08 March 2017
  1. Your Home will look Beautiful
    Keep an environment that your family and friends will enjoy being in. Your carpet can strongly reflect first impressions. A stain free carpet can create that initial impression and even help you in selling your property.

  2. You’ll save Money
    Maintenance of your carpets is far cheaper than replacement and will promote the life expectancy. In fact, did you know, that many warranties issued by carpet manufacturers demand professional cleaning once every 24 months or the warranty becomes void.

  3. A Healthier Home
    The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) recommends that homes with children or pets have their carpets cleaned once every 12 months. Proper cleaning actually promotes the health benefits to your home by removing pollens, mould spores, danger pollutants and soils. This particularly applies in the rental market, where sometimes landlords neglect the interior of the properties the tenants reside in.

For a limited time we are offering up to 50% on our carpet cleaning. Just ask the office for details on 01795 511945. Deal expires on 31.03.17.


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on 13 December 2016

Our Christmas Opening Hours this holiday will be as follows:-



Candle Wax DIY Tip

161213bCandles at Christmas may look nice but they can create many problems within your home. If wax has dripped onto your carpet, firstly don’t panic. It is actually possible to remove this once it has dried and hardened. To do this you will need a blunt instrument, such as a spatula, a heated domestic iron and some brown paper. Then follow the process below:

  1. Using the blunt instrument, break down the wax and then vacuum away the hardened pieces.
  2. Place the brown paper on top of the wax and move the iron around on top of the paper. This will remove the wax from the carpet. The trick is to keep the iron and paper on the move at all times, ensuring it is just hot enough to only melt the wax and not the carpet fibres. Do not use the ‘flat’ of the iron either, just lift it up from the back and use the front 30mm.
  3. Once the hardened wax has been removed, gently blot the area with a piece of white kitchen towel dipped in either surgical or white spirit. This will remove any remaining grease residue and ensure that re-soiling does not occur.

Coloured wax can present more of a problem. This is because, when it melts, a dye or pigment is released, which can stain the carpet fibres on which it has landed. A suggestion in this situation is firstly to break up the wax with a blunt instrument and vacuum away. Removing the remaining pigment is a much more complex process, however, and it is advisable that you seek the advice of a professional carpet cleaner if staining has occurred. If you are using candles in your home this Christmas it is advisable to keep the wicks as short as possible; although a long wick will obviously create a brighter candle, it will also produce more soot.


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on 16 November 2016, the local social network, on a mission to strengthen community spirit

Not only is good to keep in touch and find out about local events and recommendations within your neighbourhood but it is a great way to promote local businesses and services right on the doorstep.

North Star has recently promoted one of their carpet cleaning offers via a new website has launched across Kent with a simple aim: to help people make the right choice in selecting a cleaning service provider.

Streetlife, the local social network, provides a free and easy way for communities to share news, views, recommendations and resources. Described as “the online equivalent of chatting over the garden fence”, Streetlife enables people with busy routines or reduced mobility to keep in touch with what’s happening locally and become more involved in their communities.

Did you know that more than 1 million people in over 4,000 communities across the country have adopted Streetlife?

Find our about carpet cleaning offer today by visiting our page on Streetlife, where you can receive up to 65% off our usual rate just in time for Black Friday!